Photo Sunday: Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!

Usually, I’m not a fan of this particular holiday, because as a singleton I always end up feeling either that I should be depressed because I’m not in a relationship, or that I should make some kind of anti-Valentines stand to show how okay I am about it all.

Well, not this year. This year I decided that I was going to enjoy Valentines Day, and rather than sulk because my friends had written on Facebook about what an amazing day they were having, I decided to plan an equally awesome day for myself that I’d be equally happy to brag about. Who knows, maybe some of them will end up being jealous of me 😉

The fun actually started yesterday, when I went to a friend’s house for dinner and games night. She’s an amazing hostess, artist and cook, as evidenced by these beautiful appetisers. (Notice the Ladybird book of dating on the table; we thought it might have some good tips. It didn’t.) It was a lovely evening with good food, good friends and a rather delicious cocktail involving amaretto and apple and elderflower juice.


Then, this morning I took myself for a walk by the river, although not a very long one, because even though it was a sunny day, the wind was icy.

Greenhithe riverside walk

Ingress Abbey, Greenhithe

So I headed home, via the shop, where I picked up some flowers and a red berry candle, which smells amazing. And then I spent most of the afternoon and evening drinking tea and enjoying a Poldark marathon.

Valentines Day

(Because seriously, who needs a boyfriend when you can spend a few hours with this guy?)


Oh, and I also made myself a roast dinner, but I don’t have a photo of that, because I was too busy eating it. But it was yummy.

I should also mention that this is day 1 of 28 Days of Love, a free, 28-day (obviously) course run by the ladies at Project Love, who were recently featured in Psychologies magazine. Basically the idea is every day for 28 days, you do something nice for yourself, whether it’s buying yourself flowers, having a lie-in, watching your favourite film or singing in the shower. It sounds awesome, I can’t wait 🙂

There’s still time to sign up for 28 Days of Love; who else fancies spoiling themselves a bit?

Happy Valentines Day! I (genuinely, for once) hope everyone – single or not – had a fantastic day.


Photo Sunday: On the doorstep

After a busy few weeks (yep, I know I keep saying it, but it has been totally manic) I decided to stay close to home for this week’s Photo Sunday, and take the camera for a brief riverside walk in Greenhithe. On a lovely sunny day, and with autumn well underway, the views were pretty amazing; I’m officially jealous of the people who get to live along the river and enjoy it every day.

All these photos were taken on the short stretch of riverside walk close to Ingress Park, Greenhithe, about 15 minutes away from where I live. What great views do you have on your doorstep?

Photo Sunday: Clouds

I don’t have any new photos for you this week because I haven’t been anywhere particularly exciting (from a photographic perspective, I mean – I’ve spent the weekend at my sister’s, which was obviously very nice, but I didn’t really think you’d want to see pictures of her living room). I half hoped it would snow, at least a little bit – enough to take some photos but not enough to make the trains stop working – but it didn’t. So I’m improvising and sharing a selection of old photos on a favourite theme: clouds.

I love clouds. Whether they’re cute, white and fluffy or dramatic and stormy, or (of course) multi-coloured sunset clouds, I find them kind of fascinating. In fact, you’re more likely to find me taking photos of the sky than almost anything else. So here are a few of my favourites from the last year or so. Enjoy 🙂

Sunrise over Putney Bridge

Bit late with these, but I wanted to share, so here goes. Between Christmas and New Year, I had to take a different route to work, because the District Line was closed for engineering works. This was a bit of a pain, but had one perk – each morning, I was treated to this amazing view from Putney Bridge.

By the way, for anyone who enjoys sunrise and sunset photos, I’ve added some of my favourites to a new page just for you 🙂

Sunrise, Putney Bridge, 2014

Sunrise, Putney, 2014

Sunrise, Putney, 2014

Sunrise over Putney Bridge

Artistic attempts

Today I’ve been out in the sunshine enjoying the delights of Greenhithe. I may be using the term ‘delights’ a little loosely, but it’s certainly true that there’s a lot more to Greenhithe than Bluewater, contrary to popular belief. And it provides a surprising number of opportunities for artistic photography. Or at least it would, to someone with any photographic talent. So, with sincere apologies to all those people, here are my efforts, taken on various occasions over the last couple of years.

This is Ingress Abbey, which is situated rather bizarrely in the middle of a housing development. It’s also home to the world’s shortest heritage trail; I’ve now tried it twice and still have no idea where it’s supposed to go.

Ingress Abbey

I think pretty much everyone who’s ever been to Ingress Park has taken the photo below. It’s a very obvious shot, but had to be done. This was taken from the riverside walk looking back towards Ingress Abbey.

Ingress Abbey

And here it is again, without the wall.

Ingress Park

When you think of the QEII bridge, which connects Essex and Kent, ‘pretty’ probably isn’t the first word that comes to mind. And I’d agree that in murky weather, it’s not much to look at (not to mention the Thames ends up looking like the chocolate river in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). But with the right conditions, the Dartford Crossing is actually pretty impressive.

QEII bridge

Dartford, July 2013

And here’s me attempting some artistic photography with mud. I’m not sure I quite pull it off, but there’s something about this photo that I kind of like.


Greenhithe used to consist of basically a village and a quarry, but these days every square inch of ground has houses on it (and if it doesn’t, it soon will). This means that Ingress Abbey isn’t the only historic building surrounded by modern housing. Another is Stone Castle, which apparently dates back to the 12th century but is now home to some really boring office (despite the wild speculations of my book club). It also presents further opportunities for dramatic photos.

Stone Castle

Stone Castle in the snow

That last one wasn’t taken today, obviously. In contrast, today there were some signs that spring might have arrived (I hope I don’t live to regret saying that). Like the tree near my house that’s covered in pretty pink blossom. I spent quite a long time taking photos from various angles, trying to get a good one – and no doubt being watched suspiciously by several nearby residents – and in the end I gave up. This was the best I could manage.


And then there’s Bluewater, but I don’t have any pictures of that. Maybe next time…