Friday Photo: Daisies

One-off Friday photo this week, because I got a new camera and I’m excited.

Up till now, I’ve been using the camera on my phone – which, to be fair, is really good considering it’s a phone – but last weekend I decided it was time to upgrade. I haven’t gone all out; I opted for a Sony A5000, somewhere in between basic and scary. But it still has lots of settings that I don’t understand, so my first outing yesterday evening was really just a chance to play about a bit and pretend I knew what I was doing. Hopefully the other people in St James’s Park were convinced…

Anyway, I ended up with a few photos that I actually liked (we won’t mention how many rubbish ones there were), and figured that wasn’t bad for a first attempt. Hopefully I’ll be heading out somewhere in the Kent countryside this weekend to try again, so normal service will be resumed on Photo Sunday, but in the meantime, here’s one of the photos from yesterday.

Happy Friday!

Daisies in St James's Park, London


Introducing the Great Home Time Detour

I decided last week that I need to do more exercise. Which is a great idea, obviously, except I don’t really have the time (or, if I’m honest, the inclination) to join a gym, and I never run anywhere unless it’s literally a matter of life and death. With death being the more likely outcome. I’ve got an exercise bike at home, but it rarely gets used, because, again, there never seem to be enough hours in the day.

So how to fit exercise into a busy life? Well, I’m starting off gently, by trying to walk the recommended 10,000 steps a day. Although, as it turns out, that’s actually quite a lot of walking, especially when you’re working full-time then have a two-hour journey home. I thought the walk to and from the train station must be a decent amount of steps, but it turns out it’s only 1,500 each way.


But it’s okay, because I have a cunning plan. I work in south west London and have to get back to Charing Cross to catch my train home in the evening. That journey’s about 4 miles, and I have walked it before, but I wouldn’t want to do it every day – mostly because I have to walk through Chelsea, which makes me feel poor and shabby. So instead the plan is to walk a different bit of the route every day; this way, I get to explore bits of London I don’t usually get to see because I’m underground, and take lots of photos along the way.

Obviously, this is limited to days I’m not going out or needing to rush home. At some point, I may try to fit it in on the way to work in the morning – but realistically, I don’t know if that’s going to happen, my relationship with mornings being what it is. (Mutual loathing, in case you were wondering.)

So anyway, this Tuesday, my home time detour took me from Victoria Station, past Buckingham Palace, then up through St James’s Park, down to Westminster, and back along the river to Charing Cross. It was a sunny afternoon and the walk took about 45 minutes at a brisk pace. And even though it woke up my hayfever, it was totally worth it.

In case you were worried, I’m not going to bore you with every post-work trip, but I thought I’d share a few of my photos from St James’s Park, if only to show off how pretty London can be on a nice day. Enjoy – and if anyone has any suggestions on detours I can take between Fulham and Charing Cross, give me a shout.

By the way, this sudden desire for exercise has been partly inspired by a friend and fellow blogger, who’s infinitely more determined and committed than I am. You can follow her 8 Week Transformation over at